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trinity rep Christmas carolLast weekend, I attended the Christmas Carol at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence.  Attending the Christmas Carol is one of my favorite holiday traditions! Trinity Rep performs Dickens’ classic play every year. It is one of Trinity Rep’s most beloved and famous shows, with over 60 scheduled performances.

In case you are not familiar with the classic Charles Dickens play, the plot revolves around the main character, the greedy old Scrooge.  Scrooge is extremely wealthy, but cheap as a miser. His lack of empathy for those in destitute situations is deplorable. One Christmas, he is visited by his dead business partner, Marley, and three other ghosts. They force him to examine his life and behavior, particularly his treatment of others.
The interesting thing about Trinity Rep’s production of A Christmas Carol is that every year, the show is completely different!  This continually amazes me, because the play, although modified, always remains true to the story.  The songs and script remain the same, but everything else changes.  For example, one year the play was set in Rhode Island, with Scrooge having a thick Rhode Island Accent while drinking Del’s Lemonade and “no school for Foster Gloucester”.  Another year, the play had a Victorian feel with overly ornate set designs and costumes. This year, the play returned to its original London roots. The entire cast spoke in thick British accents and the sets were very simple and reminiscent of when the play was originally written in 1843.

Trinity Rep Christmas CarolMy favorite part of A Christmas Carol, besides anticipating where the play will be set, is the music. I would be doing Trinity Rep a great dishonor not to mention the amazing musical scores performed at every show. The songs are incredible and performed flawlessly, year after year!

If you have never been, do yourself a favor and head to Trinity Rep!  A Christmas Carol is an incredible Rhode Island treasure that you should experience at least once. (Or if you are like me, at least 15 times). For more information on A Christmas Carol or Trinity Repertory Company click here.

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