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a woman driving a BMW that's covered by a "cheap" Rhode Island auto insurance policy

Most people don’t have money to throw around, so when it comes to car insurance, the lowest price option is often very enticing. However, choosing your car insurance based on price alone can also be very deceiving.

Sometimes when you cut costs, you’re also cutting away important coverage, features, and customer service. You may get a great price upfront, but does it provide what you need, when you need it? Here are some common ways that a “cheap” car insurance policy can end up costing you much more in the long run.

Lower Limits

Your premium may be lower through a particular company, but did you check the coverage limits? If you buy the state minimum, you might find yourself paying for medical bills, lawyer’s fees, and other expenses you cannot afford if you’re in a serious accident.

One accident could ruin your future.

Claim Difficulties

Companies that offer rock bottom prices need to save money somewhere, and it is often in their claims department. They may not have dedicated staff and they may not offer 24/7 service.

Online insurance companies may use off-shore employees with little training, instead of experienced claims professionals. If you do start a claim, it can also take a very long time to process it.

A quality insurance company processes claims quickly and transparently. Their convenience alone often makes them the wiser choice.

No Personalization

Budget-minded shoppers often look for car insurance based on deductibles and premiums. However, there’s more to the story and you could miss out on superior coverage and savings if you don’t explore all of your options.

Besides the obvious implications that insufficient coverage may have, such as lawsuits and long-term debt, you may not get the best rate based on your driving history, age, or who drives the vehicle either. You may qualify for discounts if you belong to particular associations or the military, too.

Working with an independent insurance agent is the best way to find a great policy with superior protection, at a price you can afford. It isn’t a matter of either cutting costs or cutting coverage. You can have the coverage you need without breaking the bank. For more information, or a quote on a Rhode Island auto insurance policy, give us a call.

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