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Bob Loiselle sporting his Ugly Sweater!

The newest Christmas fad has nothing to do with gifts or cookie swapping. Instead, it has to do with sweaters! And not just your average sweaters either! The big festive rage this year is the Ugly Christmas Sweater party!

A couple of years ago, if you attended a holiday party, your attire may have consisted of a suit or cocktail dress. You can kiss those swanky outfits goodbye! The newest craze: finding the ugliest, most obnoxious, sweater…the more lights, pom-poms, and little kittens wearing Santa hats, the better!

Don’t know where to find an ugly sweater? Have no fear! While Grandma’s closet or a visit to your local Goodwill store are options, retail stores are actually advertising and selling “Ugly Sweaters!” Retailers can’t keep them on the racks! Ugly sweaters aren’t necessarily cheap either. A green sweater with a grinning Santa and flashing lights can cost nearly $70 at some stores. It seems the more ugly and gaudy the sweater, the heftier the price tag!

The Ugly Sweater phenomenon has become a new holiday tradition nationwide! Fans young and old are rushing to outdo each other with the most grotesque Christmas sweater possible. So, with all the anxiety and stress surrounding the holidays, why not throw on an obnoxious sweater and have a laugh? Just be careful before you compliment someone on his Ugly Sweater…make sure he is actually participating in the craze and not actually proudly wearing an Ugly Sweater as normal attire!


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