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This winter has been full of flurries, rain, and warm weather. Although the forecast for the past couple months has been strange, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Instead, extra preparations should be taken in case a snow storm comes our way, like the one in October. In addition, you should have protection you can count on during any situation.

According to the Boston Globe, when the weather grows colder, that means homeowners will have a lot to do to get the house and grounds ready. Therefore, for help with preparing for winter’s worst, Kevin O’Connor, host of the PBS series “This Old House,” gives the following tips:

Shrub control
This is the time to prune them back; they’ll do well, and won’t get as damaged in the snow. And believe it or not, you want to water them right up to the first frost, because they will dry out.

Clean the gutters
Clean the gutters — once the leaves have fallen, and before the snow has fallen. I think a lot of people will be focused on gutters this year, with all the ice damage from last winter.

Tune up the boiler
You’re going to turn the furnace or boiler on soon, so best to get them tuned up now. It really makes a difference. It adds years of life to a heating system. At the very least, the filters should be changed when you switch from cooling to heating.

Inspect chimneys
Now is the time to have them inspected and, if necessary, clean them. This is for those people who use a wood stove or fireplaces. Get them cleaned and get them checked out by a pro.

Put your hands near windows and doors and feel for those cool drafts. If there is one, put a nice door sweep there.

Prevent ice dams on the roof
Seal air leaks. Shutting down air leakage is probably going to have the biggest effect. The second would be adding insulation. And the third is making sure your roof is vented properly, if your house is designed to have a vented roof. Make sure your soffit vents aren’t blocked, and your gable vents are open.

At Loiselle Insurance Agency, we hope that all homeowners follow these tips. Even though they would usually apply to near the end of the fall, this year is different. Because the weather has been so warm, there has been no need to prepare for snow. However, the community should always be on guard for the worst. Let us have your back during the unpredictable with the protection of our home insurance MA residents can trust!

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