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One of the best ways to impact the earth for the better is to impress upon your children the importance of caring for the planet. Kids who are taught to make earth-friendly decisions in childhood are much more likely to continue green lifestyles as adults. Even though your family may only make small improvements to the planet, raising two or three children who value wise environmental choices will make an even bigger impact in the coming years.

Here are four ways that kids can “Go Green” at home.

1. Be Smart Consumers

Explaining to your children why you choose the items that you buy will help your kids understand that small choices can have a long-lasting effect on the planet. Teach your kids that buying one well-made, costly toy is a much wiser choice than buying a handful of Dollar Tree items that quickly break and must be discarded. You may also want to enlist your kids to help in repackaging snack foods into small containers after grocery shopping. Explain that buying food in larger packages means that you have to toss a smaller amount of trash after using the product.

2. Grow Some Veggies and Fruits

Even a tiny yard or a balcony can be the site for a small garden that will help feed your family. Kids love growing things, and they will be more likely to try new foods if they have had a hand in growing them. Cherry tomatoes, a blueberry bush and some herbs are easily grown in large pots. Alternately, you can participate in a community garden to grow your food. Tell your kids that growing at least a portion of the family’s food is helping the planet since veggies will not have to be trucked in from out of the area.

3. Compost Kitchen Trash

Don’t toss that apple core or eggshell in the garbage can. Most food scraps can be composted to make great dirt for growing things. You can buy a compost kit or designate a corner in the back yard for a compost pile. Your kids will be able to observe the natural processes that make our planet work, and you won’t be contributing to unnecessary trash that goes to landfills.

4. Help Mom and Dad Remember to Go Green

Parents have so many things to remember that often they forget the small things that they can do to help save the planet. Let your child be responsible for remembering to load the reusable shopping bags in the car before going to the store. Give your kids the job of separating the recyclable items from the trash. Let your kids read labels to determine which products will have the least impact on the planet. Kids love having a mission, and they can be a big help if parents only ask.

By enlisting your kids to help in “Going Green,” you will be establishing earth-friendly habits in their lives. This will lead to their becoming wiser consumers as when they reach adulthood, and your family can have a huge impact on the planet.