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Many people do not understand the difference between purchasing insurance through an independent insurance agency versus a direct insurance company. So, this week we sit with insurance experts Nate Green and Melanie Loiselle-Mongeon to answer the question, “What is the difference between an independent insurance agency and a direct insurance company?”

What is the Difference Between an Independent Insurance Agency and a Direct Insurance Company?
-We represent you, not the insurance company!
-We offer over 20 difference insurance companies, so you have choices.
-We are here in person when you need us; you don’t have to call an 800 number or go online.

Why is it Better to Use an Independent Insurance Agency?
-When you call Loiselle Insurance Agency, there will always be a live person who answers the phone ready to assist you.
-We develop relationships; this allows us to tailor your insurance for your specific needs.
-You receive a dedicated customer service representative to manage your insurance.
-We offer personal and commercial insurance, so we can handle all of your insurance needs.difference between an insurance agency and direct insuranceIs it More Expensive to Use an Independent Insurance Agency?
No, that is a common misconception. We typically save clients money, while also enhancing their coverage or making recommendations on the proper insurance protection. If you compare insurance quotes, there is very rarely any difference in price.

Are there Benefits to doing Business with a Local Agency?
-We know the area, so we understand the coverage you need.
-Many of our insurance companies are regional carriers, so they are local too and also better understand your insurance needs.
-It also keeps your money in your local economy.

difference between an insurance agency and direct insurance

Remember… who insures you matters!

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