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What is an Umbrella Policy?
It is an insurance policy that provides an extra layer of liability protection.
It goes over your existing policies.

This type of coverage is excess over the insurance policies you already have, such as
your Automobile, Home or Motorcycle. It can also extend over your toys (as long as you have the proper insurance on them), such as your boat, camper or jet skis.

Why do I need it?
Imagine you have a party at your house and everyone is having a great time.
Then Betty falls in the pool and is severely injured on impact.

Now Betty has a pile of medical bills and is unable to work. She sues you for $500,000 dollars. The liability limit on your homeowner’s policy is $300,000 dollars. This means that you would be financially responsible for $200,000 dollars. Luckily, you purchased an umbrella policy! This policy would actually pay out the additional $200,000 dollars, leaving you protected from a huge financial burden!



So, who needs an umbrella policy?
Everyone; because anyone can be sued at anytime. Unfortunately, we live in an extremely litigious society.  Umbrella policies are very inexpensive, starting at approximately $200 a year for a million dollars of personal protection.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing an Umbrella Policy.. give us a call at 401.723.8510.

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What is Umbrella Insurance and who needs it?
What is Umbrella Insurance?

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