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Are you thinking about leasing a vehicle instead of buying it? While buying a car is normally the more traditional option people explore, leasing a car is in no way a secondary route. Leasing a car is generally for people who either don’t do much driving or don’t plan on needing a car for very long, so if either of these describe you may want to look into leasing. For some,leasing can be a little confusing so that’s why we’re here to break down the benefits of leasing a vehicle for you:

  • More variety: Leasing gives you many more options for make and model than buying does. When you lease a vehicle you can pick from many different sizes, shapes and colors.

  • Opt out whenever: At the end of your lease if you’re simply not feeling it or you’re ready to move on you can hand the keys over to the dealer and say “see you later!” This gives you a certain freedom and feeling of relief that those who buy cars don’t have.
  • You pay for what you want: When you buy a car you make the purchase only anticipating and assuming how much you will get out of it, but who knows if this will actually be the case? When you lease you can sign up for as how many months and however many miles you plan on driving.