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It is a scary and exciting moment when your child starts driving. There is a lot to consider and decide. Should we buy him a car? When do we put her on our insurance? Watch as insurance experts Melanie Loiselle-Mongeon and Jackie Pinto discuss, “When should I add a new driver to my insurance policy?”

When Should I Add A New Driver to My Insurance Policy?
The best thing to do is give us a call when your new driver receives his/her permit. Some insurance companies require adding a driver to your policy when he receives his learning permit. Other companies prefer to wait until the actual driver’s license is obtained.

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Are There Any Discounts My Child Could Be Eligible For?

Driver’s Training Discount: Most insurance companies offer new drivers a discount on their insurance once they complete a driver training program. This is not to be confused with Driver’s Education. Driver’s Education is the mandatory course required for new drivers to obtain a permit. Driver’s training is an actual driving course offering students behind the wheel experience.

– Good Student Discount: If your child has a grade point average of B or better in school, he/she may be eligible for an insurance discount.

– Away at College Discount: Many insurance companies offer a credit if your child is a driver on your policy and they attend school over 100 miles away without a vehicle on campus.  To learn more about this, click here to visit our previous blog on the topic.

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Any Other Advice?

If you are planning on purchasing a vehicle for your new driver, we recommend purchasing a less valuable vehicle. Typically, the more a car is worth, the more expensive the vehicle will cost to insure.  Since adding a new driver can be expensive, a car that only requires liability insurance can help to minimize the overall insurance cost.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 401.723.8510. We are always here to review your policy and make suggestions that work for your life. Unlike direct car insurance companies, we have many options for multi-car families.

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