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It is barbeque season which means it is time to break out the propane or charcoal and fire up the grill! Just be mindful when grilling that you use proper technique so your food is handled and cooked properly and does not run the risk of getting anyone sick.

First things first, be sure you are working with clean products and tools.  Wash your hands before starting any of your food preparation and clean your work area.  Keep all raw foods separated so that the risk of cross contamination is lessened.  Wash your hands and utensils between uses if you are preparing different types of foods.

Only bring out the foods you are planning to grill right before you plan on putting them on the fire.  Keep the rest refrigerated until before you will use it.  When it comes to marinades, do not use the same marinade you soaked your foods in to baste.  Use a fresh batch so that any bacteria are not transferred to the cooked items.

Grill each item to its recommended inner temperature so that any bacteria are burned away.  Keep cooked foods warm and cool foods cool when you are serving them.  Do not leave any foods unrefrigerated for more than 2-3 hours or you could risk bacterial growth.  When storing the foods afterwards, be sure to wrap and seal them and refrigerate anything that needs it.  Then clean all the areas that contained food completely.

To answer the original question ‘Will I be covered if my guests get food poisoning at our barbeque?’ the answer is yes to the extent of your individual homeowner’s policy.  But even with the best coverage available, you will want to avoid getting your guests sick in the first place.  Follow safe food handling procedures and you won’t have to worry about it!