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Are you itching for that temperature to rise so you can get out on your motorcycle? If it feels like spring can’t get here quickly enough for you, why not get out there now? Sure, it might be a little cold, but cold temps shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. You may have to take a few more precautions before you hit the road, but it will be worth it to get your two wheel fix. Here are our winter motorcycle safety tips for you to keep in mind.

When preparing to head out, be sure you dress in layers. It is the best way to stay warm when your internal temperature fluctuates along with the weather throughout the day. If you are feeling yourself getting too warm in your layers, simply remove one or two to regulate yourself. If any of the layers get wet, remove them completely and replace them with dry ones.

When you get out there, just remember that driving conditions may be much different than they will be in the warmer weather. Your tires will be a bit harder in the cold, so the traction may not be as good as you remember. Drive more carefully and be sure to give yourself plenty of room between you and other drivers on the road. If you normally give yourself a few car lengths, double that amount of space.

Avoid driving on heavily salted or icy roads. Salt can be more than just a hazard on the ground. It can spray up quite easily and become a hazard to your vision as well. And if you see any snow in the forecast, you will want to skip that ride for the day. Don’t take any unnecessary chances. But if it’s just a cold day and there is not inclement weather on the way, we say go for it!


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