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            The beginning of winter not only proclaims the eminent Christmas season, but also the destructive qualities the mushy snow and salt combination can inflict on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Throughout the year, your car takes enough of a beating from picking the kids up from soccer practice, driving to and from work, and running weekly errands; thus leading to an erosion of tires, wearing and tearing of the interior, and diminished visibility as a result of build up and fog on the glass. In the winter, these are all factors that can pose as risks to drivers and passengers.

            During the first few weeks when the temperature drops to below freezing, you should put anti-freeze in your vehicle.  Putting regular water in your radiator could be detrimental to the well being of your engine. So unless you want your engine to get knocked out like Herol Graham in the November of 1990 boxing match, I suggest investing in good quality anti-freeze.

Wet weather, snow, and freezing temperatures lead to slick roads, therefore making this an excellent time to inspect your tires. A good way to judge if your car is in need of new tires, is by using the Lincoln trick. To perform this experiment, you would need to go to Abe Lincoln’s resting place, perform a hoodoo ritual to raise him from the dead, and kindly ask him to inspect your tires. For those who consider themselves to be faint of heart, a penny is acceptable too… insert the edge of the penny—with Lincoln’s head facing down—into the grove of the tire. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible, change the tire, if not, congratulations, you are in tip-top shape.  Be sure to monitor the wear and tear of the tires every two weeks. To slow the ‘erosion’ of the tires, rotate them twice a year. This enables each tire to be used equally.


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Keeping your car clean in the winter is like telling a football player not to get dirty during a game…it’s incredibly hard. Note that I did not say impossible but rather incredibly hard. For easy clean-up and to prevent staining on the floor of your car, invest in some all weather floor mats that are easy to clean when they do get dirty. At the same time of getting the floor mats, search for anti-fog windshield cleaner and spring for some new wiper blades as well.  These can be found at your local auto shop.

In addition to winter-proofing your vehicle, check out these winter driving tips from the Rhode Island DOT.  If the weather becomes severe, try to stay off the roads.  Allow for plows to do their jobs and keep yourself and your family safe.  If you absolutely must drive during severe winter weather, be sure to take a shovel, and snow brush with you.  It always helps to have a full tank of gas as well.  Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you have the right Rhode Island auto insurance —call us or stop by if you have any questions. Drive safe, and remember, have a camera ready to snap a pic if you do successfully raise Lincoln.