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Now that Thanksgiving is over, everyone seems to have changed into shopping-for-the-holidays mode.  If you own a business, you are most likely busier right now more than you are the rest of the year.  When you can find a minute of down time, you might want to take that time to review your business insurance policy.  Strange things can happen around this time of year and you want to be sure your business will be covered for any of those mishaps that could happen.

First, make sure you have enough liability coverage if something were to happen to one of your customers.  It is probably the most important insurance you can have as a business owner because accidents can be quite unpredictable.  A small slip can result in a very large lawsuit that you may not have been expecting.  If you had purchased the bare minimum of liability insurance when you first opened your business, you may want to consider increasing your coverage a bit now that business is booming.

Also, check on your business interruption insurance, loss of property, building coverage and anything you think might pertain to protecting your business in the event that a claim needs to be filed.  You don’t want to find yourself sopping up a soggy mess in the inventory room with no recourse after you find out too late that you have no insurance to cover that type of damage.  You may need to add flood insurance or boiler & machinery insurance depending on where your business is located and what type of machinery you have.

Talk with your business insurance agent to see what type of coverage your business currently carries.  If your business has changed at all, you may want to adjust your insurance as well.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Make sure your business is insured for anything that could possibly go wrong.